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    1. About us
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      …… On the road of R & D and growth, we never stop ……
      2019 Factory in Jiangxi initiated
      2018 Factory in Jiangxi was being built;
      2016 In March, a new formulation of activator was successfully developed, which solved the EU's 7P restriction problem and has been widely used by domestic light stick manufacturers;
      2015 In November, the infrared phosphor DDV was successfully developed and put into mass production;
        In April, the orange fluorescent agent N,N’- di (2,6-diisopropyl) phenyl-3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic acid imine was successfully developed and in bulk production
      2014 The environmental-friendly luminescent liquid special solvent was successfully developed, and mass production of various luminescent liquids using food-grade packaging;
      2013 In August, chemicals 1,6,7,12-tetra (4-tert-butylphenoxy) -N, N'-bis (2,6-di-n-butyl) phenyl-3,4,9, Mass production of 10-fluorene tetracarboxylic acid imine;
        In May, chemicals 1,6,7,12-tetraphenoxy-N, N'-bis (2,6-diisopropyl) phenyl-3,4,9,10-fluorenetetracarboxylic acid Mass production of amines;
      2012 Chemicals 5,6,11,12-Tetraphenylnaphthacene was successfully developed and in bulk production;
      2011 In October, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise again;
      2010 In June, Jinteng Functional R & D Center was listed as a provincial high-tech enterprise R & D center by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology;
      2009 In January, the fine specialty chemicals Steapyrium Chloride and Lapyrium Chloride were formally put into production;
      2008 In October, the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system passed the SGS certification of an internationally renowned certification body;
        In October, it was identified as a national high-tech enterprise;
        In March, the company obtained the "Standardization Certificate for Safety Standardization of Dangerous Chemicals Practitioners" issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Work Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau, and a provincial standardization safety production enterprise
      2007 In December, the bis (pentachlorosalicylate) oxalate (CPPO) project was included in the National Torch Plan;
        Organic light guide material m-TPD R & D project was included in the provincial innovation fund;
      2006 In October, the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system passed the SGS certification of an internationally renowned certification body;
        The company's research institute was listed as a municipal engineering research center; OLED functional materials began mass production;
      2005 The OLED functional materials research and development project was listed as a major scientific and technological project in Zhejiang Province, and the company was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province;
      2004 The functional pigment material project was listed as the Zhejiang Innovation Fund Project;
      2003 The company cooperated with East China University of Science and Technology to establish a joint laboratory for functional pigment materials;
      2002 OLED functional materials project officially launched;
      2001 Formed a long-term strategic partnership with America manufacturer of chemiluminescence light sticks (OMNIGLOW);
        Company domain name www.sxcaideng.cn is put into use;
      2000 Key raw materials for chemiluminescence production: 3,5,6-trichlorosalicylic acid;
      1998 The company was established, dedicated to the research and development and production of fine chemicals; the production of high-quality tetrachlorophthalic anhydride;
      Contact us
      Add: 15 Yongding River Road, Xiapu Industrial Park,
      Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
      Tel: Purchasing Department +86-574-87939316
             Sales +86-574-87939311 87939318
             Trade +86-574-87939312
      Fax: +86-574-87939319
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